Frequently Asked Questions


So, what exactly is a JonnyPop?

Our pops are frozen fruit and cream bars, made with simple, natural ingredients that you can feel good about eating and sharing.  We like to call it a wholesome indulgence because we start with fruit as the first ingredient, and add real cream, cane sugar and a pinch of salt.  This combination creates a creamy, fruit-forward pop that everyone seems to love!


Are JonnyPops peanut and tree nut free?

Yes! The entire JonnyPops manufacturing facility is completely peanut and tree nut free with the exception of coconut.  No other products are made on the same equipment, and we even prohibit peanuts and tree nuts from our employees lunches, so you can be sure there is no risk of cross contamination!


Who is Jonny?

Jonny dreamt up the idea for JonnyPops with his cousin, Erik.  He had a dream to start a business that made simple and delicious frozen pops.  Sadly, Jonny passed away before he saw his dream become a reality. We decided to name our company after him to honor and remember the impact he had on us, and on JonnyPops.  You can read the full story here.


When was JonnyPops founded?

We started JonnyPops as college students in 2011, using blenders and real fruit in our dorm rooms to create delicious flavor combinations. Today, our pops can be found in grocery stores and markets across the Midwest, Texas, California, and New York!  Our mission is to make the world a better place, one pop at a time. This was our aim in 2011, and is still our top priority today.


Where can I find JonnyPops?

You can find our all-natural frozen fruit and cream bars in grocery stores, convenience stores, and other great locations all over the place!  Check out our Product Locator page to find JonnyPops nearest you!  JonnyPops also caters parties, receptions, and events!  Check out our Catering page for more details!  Still can’t find JonnyPops where you’d like?  Fill out a Product Request form and bring it to the store manager at your favorite spot to shop!


What is the Hazelden Foundation?

Hazelden, a part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, has been saving lives and restoring families from substance abuse and addiction for more than 60 years.  With outpatient and residential programs in Minnesota, Oregon, California, Florida, New York and Illinois, Hazelden offers every patient the best chance of lifelong recovery.  We donate a portion of our proceeds to Hazelden in memory of our friend and namesake, Jonny, who passed away from a drug overdose after helping come up with the idea for JonnyPops.


More Questions?

Head over to our Contact Us page and ask away!