Founders: Erik Brust, CEO and Connor Wray, CFO. 
Connor and Erik in Production. 

Better Pop For A Better World.

When I was a teenager, I visited my cousin Jonathan at Duke University, and we dreamt up the idea of making ice cream treats using real fruit and cream. Months later Jonathan passed away following a struggle with addiction. 

Wanting to keep our idea alive, I approached three classmates at St. Olaf College to help me realize the dream. We spent hundreds of hours together in our dorm room, buying different local fruits, blending and developing recipes, then testing them with friends down the hall. 

We had lots of willing taste testers. Our GPA's suffered but in 2011, JonnyPops was born–named in Jonathan's memory. 

In 2015, my co-founder, Connor Wray, wanted to provide healthier snacks in school lunches. We worked and developed a recipe that fit the new national nutrition standards. 

With fruit as the main ingredient, our Smart Snacks have been a hit locally and we are expanding that program beyond Minnesota. Our sticks are stamped with messages of encouragement and kindness. It is gratifying to see students get so excited about JonnyPops, and to read or ask about the stick sayings. 

That's our story, and you can continue to help by telling your friends and family about us! We encourage you to try our pops and pay it forward by doing kind deeds. If we are all just a little kinder the world will be a better place. 

Thank you again from all of us at JonnyPops! 

-Erik Brust, CEO and Co-Founder