What are JonnyPops? 

JonnyPops are frozen fruit + cream treats made with ingredients that you can feel good about eating and sharing. We like to call JonnyPops a “smoothie-on-a-stick” because we use real cream as one of the first ingredients (giving it that smooth, delicious texture that our fans love!) They’re truly delightful!

How and where are JonnyPops made?

JonnyPops products are made in our own facility, right outside of Minneapolis, MN. In our facility, we blend together a short list of wholesome ingredients – like real fruit and cream – to create that smooth, creamy texture you love. After freezing and hand packaging with a little TLC, our pops begin their journey to retailers across the country!

Can you tell us about Jonny?  

Jonathan, or “Jonny,” was one of the original founders of JonnyPops. In college, Erik and Jonathan had a dream to start a socially responsible business that created simple and delicious frozen pops. Sadly – before he saw his dream become a reality – Jonny passed away following a struggle with addiction. We named our company after him to honor and remember the impact he had, each year donating a portion of proceeds in his name to nonprofit organizations that support addiction recovery.

When was JonnyPops founded?

Our co-founders started JonnyPops as college students in 2011, using blenders and real fruit in their dorm rooms to create delicious flavor combinations. Since our humble beginnings, our mission has always been to make the world a better place, one pop at a time. Today, our pops can be found in grocery stores and markets across the Midwest, Texas, California, and Florida! 

Read our fully story here!

What are the flavors?

The Fruit First line includes:

Raspberries Blueberries & Cream
Strawberries & Cream
Banana Cinnamon & Cream
Mango & Cream
Pineapple Coconut & Cream
Strawberry Banana & Cream

To make each flavor in the Fruit First line, we start with fruit as the first ingredient and add real cream, cane sugar and a pinch of salt.  

The Delight line includes the brand’s newest six flavors:

Dark Chocolate & Cream
Vanilla Mint Chocolate & Cream
Root Beer Float & Cream
Cold Press Coffee Chocolate & Cream
Cherry Chocolate & Cream
Strawberry Chocolate & Cream (only at Target!)

What are the ingredients in JonnyPops?

JonnyPops are made with a short list of wholesome ingredients. Nothing artificial, no fillers, no gunk. Check out the full list of ingredients here.

How are JonnyPops different from a Popsicle or ice cream?

A Popsicle, which is technically sugar + water + artificial flavoring, does not contain the wholesome benefits of a real fruit bar. Our delicious pops also cannot be considered ice cream, which is a soft frozen food made with sweetened and flavored milk fat – and oftentimes full of calories!

Our pops, which are made with real fruit + cream, have the great taste and texture of ice cream, but with the wholesome benefits of a fruit bar. Truly a win-win!

How and from where do you source your ingredients?

We believe that the smaller the ingredient label, the better. Our Fruit First line uses only the freshest, highest quality ingredients sourced from top regions to ensure quality taste, including fresh pineapple and Grade A strawberries, blueberries, and cherries picked during peak season.

Our Delight flavors use authentic two-fold vanilla extract, organic root beer flavor, and real dark chocolate, which we melt in-house and hand-dip for each chocolate-dipped pop. Mmm-mmm good!

What is your allergen statement?

You can view our Allergen statement here.

Are JonnyPops organic?

JonnyPops are not organic, however, our ingredients are of the highest quality with no fillers or artificial flavorings. Only the best – and that’s a promise!

Is the fruit pasteurized?

We use real fruit bits and pieces – not juice. Our pops provide all the health benefits of real fruit with none of the harmful bacteria associated with unpasteurized juice!

Where can I find JonnyPops?

You can find JonnyPops’ colorful boxes in the frozen novelty aisle of big-box retailers nationwide, including Target, Sprouts, Costco, Sam’s Club, Shoprite, Jewel-Osco, and Cub Foods, among others. JonnyPops are also available in local grocery stores, markets and co-ops. You can find a product locator on our website to confirm the closest retailer to you!

Pssst. Can’t find JonnyPops in a store near you? You’re in luck! Fill out our handy-dandy Product Request Form and pass it along to your frozen foods manager. 

Are you currently developing new flavors?

Absolutely. New product development has been a part of our DNA from the beginning. To support our mission of making the world a better place, one pop at a time, we continue to surprise and delight our customers with delicious new combinations!

Fun fact: Our new Delight line, which includes five new creamy pops that are mostly chocolate-based, was developed based on market research and feedback from our fans!

Why should I choose JonnyPops for myself + my family?

The frozen novelty section is full of “me too” fruit pops (fruit, water and sugar) or indulgent (high calorie and artificial) treats. We hit the sweet spot, with all our pops rounding out at less than 200 calories, but with the same taste and texture of ice cream.

With fewer calories and better-for-you ingredients, our pops provide more substance and satisfaction than icy water pops!

Tell us about your partnership with non-profit organizations that support addiction recovery. 

We donate a portion of our proceeds to nonprofit organizations that support addiction recovery in honor of our friend and namesake, Jonathan, who passed away following a struggle with addiction.

Tell me about the good deeds on a stick.

Our mission is “A Better Pop for a Better World.” Each stick is printed with a good deed because we believe sharing kindness, through actions big and small, helps us achieve our mission of making the world a better place, one pop at a time. We are always seeking new “deeds” to print on our JonnyPops sticks – send your ideas to our team via Facebook or give us a call at 651-243-0705!

How do you source your good deeds for your sticks? 

We source our good deeds from friends, customers and family members who inspire us. It has always been important for us to share something from our personal lives with our fans. The good news is you can participate, too! Just send us an email or give us a call and you may just see your deed printed on a stick!

Tell us about your Smart Snacks and partnership with schools!

Back in 2015, we introduced a smaller-sized pop made with skim milk instead of cream to fit the public school “Smart Snacks” regulations. These pops, a tasty way to bring healthier treats into schools, saw an immediate positive response. In one district alone, 90 percent of students chose JonnyPops when it was offered on menu and school nutritionists saw a 17 percent increase in school lunch participation!

Schools feel great about serving these healthy, delicious, clean-labeled treats, which come with a compelling story and kindness message. Today, JonnyPops are served in over 35 states to more than 5 million students!

Learn more about our Food Service program here!

I can’t find JonnyPops in my local store!

Oh no! Lucky for you, we created this handy dandy Product Request form. Just print it out, mark the flavors you want to see (as many as you like) and pass it along to your Frozen Foods Manager!

Where can I find coupons?

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Something we missed?

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